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Upcoming book release: January 1, 2021

Unlock the true power of holistic remedies and a new level of self-healing.

Learn tried and proven holistic remedies to transform your health, naturally extend your life expectancy, and improve your overall quality of life. After all, there's never been a better time than NOW to become your own healer!

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Why this book?

'Healing Thyself’ was written as a “nutritional bible” to provide its readers with comprehensive, yet easy-to-read educational material—all of which is backed by over two decades of qualified scientific research on nutrition and supplements. This book gives you the ability to become your own health expert, allowing you to protect yourself and loved ones from illness, suffering, and dis-ease.

Additionally, the collective assessments of thousands of clients have provided the opportunity to apply this research in real time; resulting in the creation of natural herbal remedies, proprietary formulas, and the miraculous power of food to heal. Ultimately, the groundbreaking information found in this book will allow its readers to experience the next level of medical revelations not found anywhere else.

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A sneak peek at what's inside:

We believe your reading experience should be truly extraordinary and provide remarkable value so take a look at what is included in the upcoming book.

Plan 1


Effective against autoimmune disease, Influenza (flu), existing cancer tumors, and pathogen- related issues.

Plan 2

Thyroid Support

The adept naturopath's plan to balance an overactive or under-active thyroid—regardless of age and severity.

Plan 3

Kidney Support

Curated specifically for anyone struggling with urine acidity, kidney stone dissolution, or other kidney-related issues.

Plan 4

Diabetes Support

Developed exclusively to promote the active regulation of blood sugar levels and natural healing of Type I and Type II Diabetes.

Plan 5

Digestive Support

A comprehensive plan to naturally cleanse, replenish, and strengthen the digestive system using meal plans and herbal formulas.

Plan 6

Vaginal Support

The correct way to cleanse and rejuvenate the female reproductive system (fibroids, yeast infections, and other vaginal issues).

Plan 7

The Heal-All

The Heal-All plan is comprised of access to the same self-made proprietary formulas for every said “incurable” illness and disease that Dr. Ali uses for his own clients. It also entails detailed instructions on how to make your own supplements with the list of recipes and ingredients needed for each formula. Additionally, the Heal-All plan contains seven healing meal plans that accompany each herbal remedy and perpetuate the healing process. On top of that, there are over 150 delicious and nutritious recipes inside to help bring the body back to health and vitality. This all-encompassing plan also incorporates a bonus chapter as well as the four things the body needs to function properly and a complete list of Approved/Non-Approved Foods.

What they're saying about us:

In this world of confusion, with constant noise and misinformation in the health and wellness industry, I rely on Dr. Ali's profound authenticity.

Jerome L.

Since I've been living by your meal plans and workout guides the last few months I can attest that they do work and I did lose the stubborn fat naturally.

Francine W.

I have directed countless friends and family members to Dr. Ali because I truly believe he possesses knowledge that no western doctor out there has.

Elija T.

I’ve been following your meal plan for the last six months and girl, I feel great! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and digestive system.

Morgan B.

I gave in and quit the program you provided me, but that part is on me. The food taste better than I ever imagined. Your recipes are IT sis.

Camille P.

Dr. Ali's recommended foods and protocols are simple and delicious and THEY WORK! If you’re tired of living with pain, read his books.

Mike L.

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